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The more expensive the product, the more reassurance a potential customer will need that your team has the resources to stay around for a while and the competence to build and maintain a great product.

A strong enough company brand can take care of this by itself, but until you have one, many people will not buy from you without an idea of who is behind the product.

Buyers are typically in the intent phase and close to deciding whether or not to trial with you when they start researching who is behind the company, so creating a strong about page tends to be a quick win for signups.

And you’re not just catering to potential customers with your about page. It can help sell press on covering you, potential partners on partnering, and most importantly, potential hires on joining your company.

Common About Page Components:

Company photos or employee collages are common in the header. They do a good job of grabbing a visitor’s attention while humanizing the company and giving a sense of its culture.

The about page headline is often an afterthought on SaaS sites and simply “About Us”, but you’re still selling something with the about page.

Hero Examples

Company History
This section typically starts with a one to two sentence summary of the company’s current state and values and then transitions into a “PR version” history, talking about how the founders got started and the high-level milestones that followed.

While this story is about you, you still need to make it interesting for your audience.

Also, don’t just talk about yourself, talk about yourself in relation to how you solve problems for the reader.

Sometimes investor or press logos immediately follow the company history or are placed at the bottom of the about page, especially if you have brand name investors or press.

Company History Examples

Not only do leadership and team sections help build trust by giving a peak on who is behind your product and company, they help humanize the company as people respond strongly to human faces.

For team profiles, 50 employees seems to be about the ceiling where only leadership is typically shown, and many companies stop before that number.

While some companies just include a picture and a title, adding short bios with a mix of professional and personal information can give potential hires a much better feel on whether your company is a fit or not.

Leadership/Team Examples

Open Jobs
For companies that don’t have a dedicated jobs page, the about page can be a home for an open positions list.

For those with a dedicated page, this section is often a highlighted link.

Open Jobs Examples

Office locations
Showing office locations can be a nice touch. Many SaaS companies don’t offer a mailing address in their website contact information and potential customers may care if the company is not in their timezone or country.

It may also help sell your product if you're more local to potential customers than competitors.