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The more you customize your message to the people receiving it, the more likely it will resonate and you’ll make sales. Solutions pages customize your product’s USP proposition to a more specific group than your overall USP on your homepage.

They're meant to make the application of a product clearer and more relatable to show how well it's suited for a specific industry or team.

They help with a customer’s research as a good one will group all the info relevant to the industry or use case on one page versus across the site.

Solutions pages are also an opportunity for SEO and providing more product information for research.

They’re most commonly included when SaaS companies have enterprise plans, but they're just as useful for self-serve plans too.

Create solution pages for:

Common Solutions Page Components:

Solutions page hero messaging tends to follow the product overview page, but the language is adjusted to the specific audience you’re targeting with the solutions page.

Not only do you need to talk about the product in terms of the specific group’s concerns and goals, you have to use their language to say it.

For example, a solutions page targeting SaaS might talk about lead generation or closing more deals in terms of benefits.

It’s also helpful to make the hero image or graphic relevant to the page’s audience.

Hero Example

Social proof
Social proof on solutions pages is typically logos of customers that the page’s audience would know and see as relevant whether it’s the same industry, team or use case.

Quotes help even more with credibility here, especially if it’s relevant quotes by people similar to the audience.

Social Proof Examples

Product Details
Like the hero, the design of a solutions page’s product details is pretty similar to your product overview page. The biggest difference being the copy and graphics are focused on benefits specific to the audience.

It’s rare to see, but adding an audience focused FAQ to the bottom of your solutions page can help with conversion.

Product Details Examples

Case Studies
On this page, you’ll want to use case studies that align with the targeted audience.

If your audience is SaaS, then feature SaaS companies, or if it’s marketers, then feature case studies where marketers are highlighted.

If you don’t have case studies specific to the audience, then just go with the next best fit.

If you are targeting an audience enough to build a solutions page, it’s worth the work to create case studies dedicated to that audience.

CTA Repeated
This is generally a repeat of the hero message, but shorter and with language that considers the visitor has scanned down the page and learned about your solution by this point.

CTA Repeated Examples

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